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        Welcome to Plan A Bachelorette Party!  I hope this site will take a big load of weight and stress off of your back, while you're planning your Bachelorette Party.  This site covers everything you are going to need to figure out, giving suggestions and ideas to make planning a bachelorette party a lot easier.

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       We go over how to get started and how to handle the invitations.  We list all different kinds of Bachelorette Party games to play and some wild and original party ideas.  We give you ideas for parties at home, and places to go.  All of your questions about steamy adult entertainment and Bachelorette gift ideas are even answered here.  I've added an entire section devoted to party decorations and supplies, just so you don't accidentally forget anything.  This site even has suggestions on how to take care of the food situation.  Then, just when you thought this website couldn't possibly get any better, I've put in a BONUS SECTION that has recipes for tasty drinks and amazing Jello shots!!  Aren't you the lucky one?  These Jello shots are really something else, too!

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         This job is hard enough.  I know you deeply care about your friend that's getting married, but there's no reason to take this task on alone!  Take advantage of the Bridesmaids and party guests that are willing to help you out.  Also, use Plan A Bachelorette to your complete advantage.  Throughout this site, there are words that are underlined.  If you click onto them, you will be magically transported to a page with more information about the item.  Seems simple enough, I'm sure you know how links work.  

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        The place I found to have a great assortment of Bachelorette Party goods on the web, is  Shopping there was quick and easy, because they basically cover everything I needed to plan MY party, besides the food and the naked man! had all of the fun toys I love and the necessities that I didn't feel like shopping for.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping for toys and silly things, but I HATE picking out table clothes and plastic forks.  Hate it.  This way, I could get all of that stuff without driving around trying to find something I actually liked!  I really didn't just want to settle on anything, and I didn't need to.  Everything was easy to understand and I had plenty of choices to choose from. 

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